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Aquascapes - Our Designs
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Nature Designs 2008
Mystical Forest
Moments of Tranquility
Symphony Under the Sun
Forest Hills
Blossom of Spring
Morning Glory   Wonders of Nature in Full Bloom
Engulfed in Nature's Beauty   Mystic River
Harmonious Reverie
Springtime Sensations
Nature Designs 2007
A Touch of Nature   Winter is Approaching
Colors of Nature
Nature Trail   Paradise Garden
Mr Robert's "Crystal Garden"
Sparkling Oasis   Tropical Sunrise
Beyond the Tree Lines II
Mr Simon Tsoi's "Hi-Tech" Aquatic Garden
Beyond the Tree Lines   Beyond the Horizon
Mr Robert's "Archibald" Aquatic Garden
Aquascapes - Hobbyist Creations
(click on images for more photos) 
If you would like to share your aquascape with our viewers then please send us a photo plus details to sales@bubblesaquarium.com.
Kevin Wong's "Tropical Spring Garden"