Loricariidae is the largest family of catfish, with almost 700 species and new species being described each year. Loricariids are found in freshwater habitats of Costa Rica, Panama, and tropical and subtropical South America. These fish are noted for the covering of bony overlapping plates covering their bodies and a suckermouth. Members of the family Loricariidae are commonly referred to as suckermouth armoured catfishes, or plecos; a shortened form of the species name plecostomus. Most species are found in swift-flowing streams from the lowlands. They can also be found in a variety of other freshwater environments such as torrential mountain rivers, quiet brackish estuaries, black acidic waters, and even in subterranean habitats. This family has extremely variable color patterns, body shapes, and can range from 1 inch in some dwarf species to over 30 inches in larger species such as Panaque.

The suckermouth exhibited by these catfish allow them to adhere to objects in their habitats, even in fast-flowing waters. The mouth and teeth also are adapted to feed on a variety of foods such as algae, invertebrates, and detritus. Some species, notably the Panaque, are known for their ability to digest wood. Most species of Loricariids are nocturnal animals. Some species are territorial, while others, such as Otocinclus, prefer to live in groups. Air breathing is well known among many loricariids. The ability to breathe air is dependent on the risk of hypoxia faced by a species; torrent-dwelling species tend to have no ability to breathe air, while low-land, pool-dwelling species such as those of Hypostomus have a great ability to breathe air. Loricariids exhibit a wide range of reproductive strategies, including cavity spawning, attachment of eggs on the underside of rocks, and egg-carrying. Parental care is usually well-developed and the male guards the eggs and sometimes the larvae. The eggs usually will hatch between 4 and 20 days, depending on the species.

The 'Catfish/Pleco' world is a very complicated one. There are too many species with too many variations. A particular genus many have one or many L-numberings with only a slight difference in body color, patterns, origin, etc. We are not a pleco website and will not attempt to display all the plecos here, but instead, will we display the ones we can get. All of our plecos come from Brazil and Peru, some are bred in captivity and others are wild caught. To simplify things, I have grouped the plecos we sell in a couple of categories, namely, 'Dwarf + Bristlenose Pleco', 'Spotted Pleco', 'Striped Plecos', and lastly 'Whiptail Catfish and Others'. If you're looking for a particular type of pleco not on our website then give us a call, we have access to much more.

Dwarf Plecos + Bristlenose Plecos
LDA23 Dwarf Sucker Otocinclus (小精靈)
Otocinclus vittatus
Zebra Oto (班馬小精靈?)
Otocinclus cocama
LDA25 Goby Pleco (達摩精靈)
Parotocinclus jumbo
Dwarf Bristlenose Pleco (小狐子)
Ancistrus temminckii sp.
Gold Bristlenose Pleco (金鬍子)
Ancistrus temminckii sp. "Gold"
Alligator Dwarf Pleco
Parotocinclus britskii
Dwarf Pleco sp (貓眼狐子)
Glyptoperichthys sp.
Gold Bristlenose Pleco "Longfin" (長鰭金鬍子)
Ancistrus temminckii sp. "Gold Longfin"
Albino Bristlenose Pleco "Longfin" ((長鰭白鬍子)
Ancistrus sp. "Albino Longfin"
Dwarf Pleco sp "Starlight" (星星鬍子)
Ancistrus sp.
Dwarf Pleco sp "Leopard Skin"
Peckoltia sp from Peru
L255 Spotted Medusa Pleco (希臘眾神大鬍子異形)
Ancistrus sp.
L180 Blue Spot Bristlenose (瑪拉荷藍鑽大鬍子異形)
Ancistrus sp.
L034 Medusa Pleco (大頭鬍子異形)
Ancistrus ranunculus
L213 Snow Bristlenose Pleco (細雪大鬍子)
Ancistrus sp.
Spotted Plecos
L177 Gold Nugget Pleco (黃翅黃珍珠異形)
Baryancistrus sp.
LDA33 Snow Ball Pleco (大雪球異形)
Baryancistrus sp.
L254 Blue Inspector Pleco (藍星小丑豹異形)
Spectracanthicus sp.
L174 Panda Pleco (新熊貓異形)
L174 Panda Pleco (新熊貓異形)
L124 Para Pleco (黃金美洲豹異形)
Peckoltia sabaji
L163 Big Spot Peckoltia sp (橘翅美洲豹異形)
Peckoltia sp.
L048 Big Gold Spot Pleco (金莎達摩異形)
Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos
L128 Blue Phantom Pleco (藍寶石)
Hemiancistrus sp.
L200 Green Phantom Pleco (綠寶石)
Hemiancistrus subviridis
L264 Sultan Pleco (老鼠斑異形)
Leporacanthicus joselimai
L160 Coffee & Cream Pleco (黑星坦克, 黑點坦克)
Pseudacanthicus spinosus
L014 Sunshine Pleco (黃金達摩異形)
Scobinancistrus aureatus
L273 Titanicus Pleco (金達尼坦克)
Pseudacanthicus sp.
L091 Dragon Fin Pleco (彩鰭坦克)
Leporacanthicus triactis
L252 Gold Spot Ancistrini (滿天星小丑豹異形)
Ancistrini sp.
Striped Plecos
L046 Zebra Pleco (熊貓異形)
Peckoltia sp.
L236 King Tiger Zebra Pleco (皇后虎斑以異形)
Hypancistrus sp.
L260 Queen Arabesque Pleco (皇后迷宮異形)
Hypancistrus sp.
L318 Mosaic Zebra Pleco (白金迷宮異形)
Hypancistrus sp.
LDA01 Gold Stripe Panaque (黃老虎異形)
Panaque sp.
L134 Leopard Frog Pleco (黃金斑馬異形)
Peckoltia sp.
LDA22 Clown Pleco (橘邊珍珠異形)
Panaque maccus
L027 Red Fin Royal Pleco (申古白金皇冠豹)
Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus`xingu`
L305 Worm Line Pleco (陶瓷娃娃異形)
Peckoltia braueri
L047 Mango Pleco (金霸王)
Baryancistrus sp.
L191 Dull eyed Royal Pleco (綠皮皇冠豹)((西瓜)
Panaque sp.
L037 Brown Snake Skin Pleco (蛇皮異形)
Hypostomus sp.
Whiptail Catfish and Others
L010A Red Whiptail Catfish (紅色直昇機)
Hemiloricaria sp.
Whiptail Catfish
Sturisoma festivum
L010 Loricaria lata
Loricaria lata
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