Nannostomus is a genus of fish belonging to the Lebiasinidae family of Characins, known as Pencilfish. All species are slender, pencil-shaped fish ranging in size from under 1" to approximately 2" in length. All swim in a horizontal attitude except Nannostomus unifasciatus and Nannostomus eques, which assume an oblique, 'snout-up' posture. In some species, males are more brilliantly colored, especially with regard to color present in the fins. However, a reliable indicator of gender for most of the species rests in the anal fin of adult males which is enlarged and elongated and/or the anal fin of males is more colorful. The genus has a vast distribution in South America, from Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyanas in the north, to the southern Amazon basin and Bolivia in the south, to Peru in the west and Belem, Brazil in the east.

In their natural enviornment most Pencilfish live in soft and acidic waters (pH 5.5-6.8), low nitrate levels, and temperature ranging from 25 to 28X C. Pencilfish do best in a well-planted aquarium with moderate lighting using dark substrate to display their coloration. Best kept in a group comprising a minimum of six individuals of the same species. Good tankmates are other Nannostomus species, peaceful tetras, rasboras, corydoras, plecos, and more. If kept in a thickly planted single-species aquarium with the above water parameters, most species will spawn, eggs will not be eaten, and the fry will be found among the floating plants. Baby brine shrimp, live or frozen, and other small-sized foods are required for both fry and adults. In most species the males will establish small territories and defend them. Their defensive actions are usually harmless. Once acclimated to the aquarium, and provided with conditions to their liking, Nannostomus are hardy and often live for five or more years.
Golden Pencilfish ({]?)
Nannostomus beckfordi
Dwarf Pencilfish
Nannostomus marginatus
Three-Striped Pencilfish (Tu])
Nannostomus trifasciatus
Coral-Red Dwarf Pencilfish (A])
Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Brown Pencilfish (yC])
Nannostomus eques
One-Lined Pencilfish (@u])
Nannostomus unifasciatus
Barred Pencilfish (I])
Nannostomus espei
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